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Style Your Mind is a podcast for success-driven women who want to design their thoughts, empower themselves, and build a beautiful life and career. Hosted by master life coach and bestselling personal development author Cara Alwill Leyba, this show is for every woman on the edge of change who is ready to reinvent herself, elevate her thinking, and transform her life. Join Cara each week for powerful conversations, uplifting interviews, and a mega dose of inspiration.
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Dec 31, 2017

Happy New Year! Ladies, I am SO excited about 2018. I just have a GUT feeling that this year is going to be incredible. In this episode, I’m sharing my personal “Style Your Mind for Success” strategy to help you turn your resolutions into reality. This is what I am doing to make my year as powerful as possible, and I know these tools will help you, too. If you are looking to uplevel your thinking and supercharge your brand new year, then get a pen and paper and get ready. If you’re looking for even more guidance on making changes in your life, check out my coaching workbook “Style Your Mind” here:

Today’s episode is sponsored in part by Katie Stoeckeler. Katie works as a holistic health coach to help women, men and children integrate healthy eating habits, self-care routines and wellness rituals into their ever day lives. She hosts weekly cleanse meetings via video chat that are individualized and provide ample support for anyone looking to make healthier life style changes. Her 4 week program is typically $400, but she is offering 50% off for Style Your Mind listeners! If you’re ready for change email and put Style Your Mind Cleanse in the subject line. Also feel free to follow her on Instagram @SomethingKatie for nutrition tips, quick and easy recipes as well as inspirational posts!

Today’s episode is also sponsored in part by the book Innerbloom. Innerbloom is the brand new personal development/memoir hybrid self-published by author and fellow Slay Baby Sarah Ordo (you may remember her from Episode 24 of this show!). If you’re looking to feel empowered and inspired to create your best life possible, then Innerbloom is the book for you. In this book you can expect to find the questions that you will need to ask yourself to find your own true inner happiness. You can click here to grab your copy RIGHT HERE and learn more about Sarah at

Dec 20, 2017

Are you inviting stress and overwhelm into your life? Are you pouring it a cup of coffee and allowing it to stay awhile? Not after this episode. I'm serving up my secret strategies for dealing with the stresses of every day life and work, and providing some mega perspective to help you decide what you're available for in your world.

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Metal Marvels is a brand for badass & bold women who don't fit societies standards. Katie, the creator, was always searching for mantra jewelry with more powerful & in your face messages. Being a woman who curses like a sailor daily, the messages just weren't out there. So she created the amazing Expletives collection that gives women jewelry that helps them feel empowered to be themselves, to be bold, and use the word fuck as frequently as they want. Societal standards for women and success, are bullshit and she runs her company that way too showing that someone who curses like a sailor, has tattoos and purple hair, can be extremely successful in this world. Make sure you follow Metal Marvels Instagram for daily inspiration, a heavy use of profanity, and badass products. And you can save 20% off for being a Style your mind listener. Use code: STYLEYOURMIND at

Dec 19, 2017

What if "someday" never comes? One of the most motivating and empowering truths is that we are all going to die. And nobody knows when. So why are you saving all of the beautiful, life-changing things you want to do for some imaginary bucket list you'll probably never actually check things off of? Why aren't you doing all those beautiful, life-changing things NOW? In this mini episode, I'm serving up some real talk to help you turn your bucket list into your to-do list, and start creating the wildly gorgeous life you deserve to live.

If you liked the poem I closed this episode with, you can find it (and more) in my book STRIPPED here:

Dec 15, 2017

Can we talk about what a f*cking circus it is when you begin something new?! My apparel launch has been a MASSIVE success. I am thrilled, fired up, excited, humbled, and grateful, but OMG - I am WORKED! It's been an incredible lesson in the inevitable hiccups that come along with blazing a new trail for yourself. And I truly think so many women never start the things they dream of starting because they dread the hiccups. They dread the craziness that always tags along when we leave our comfort zones and try that new thing. In this episode, I'm talking about my own experience with this, and giving you 5 solid strategies on how to navigate the challenges that come along with new projects and keep your head above water.

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This episode is sponsored by #1 bestselling crime writer, Helen Phifer. Writing murder, chills, and thrills, Helen’s books will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and make you afraid to get up in the middle of the night and go to the bathroom alone. Learn more about her incredible series of books at Connect with Helen on Facebook here, on Instagram here, and on Twitter here.

Dec 12, 2017
In this episode, I'm giving you POWERFUL questions to ask yourself before 2018 to get clear and confident so you can smash your goals and enter the New Year like a BOSS. You can use these questions any time you're beginning something new to get you feeling focused and fabulous. I'm also answering all your burning business questions including: how to attract high-end clients, how to get in the creative zone, convincing your spouse that you're ready for entrepreneurship and MORE.

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Dec 7, 2017

Laaaaaadies! I'm answering all your burning BIZ questions in this very special episode! The New Year is almost here and I want to get you hooked up with the tips, strategies, and mind-set shifts you need to feel confident in your hustle. Where do you begin when you have a million ideas for your business? How do you handle copycats? How do you stand out in a crowded marketplace? How do you think outside the box? What do you do when you're not getting ANY clients? I'm answering ALL these questions and more. Get a notebook for this one (you're gonna wanna take notes) and let's get you ready to SLAY 2018.


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Dec 6, 2017

There's been a lot going on and I'm filling you in on everything in this episode! Life updates from Cara's World and some lessons learned along the way. Grab a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine) and get ready for some girl talk.

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