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Style Your Mind is a podcast for women who want to design their thoughts, empower themselves, and build a beautiful life. Hosted by master life coach and bestselling personal development author Cara Alwill Leyba, this show is for every woman on the edge of change who is ready to reinvent herself, elevate her thinking, and transform her life. Join Cara each week for powerful conversations, uplifting interviews, and a mega dose of inspiration.
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Jan 19, 2018

I'm chatting with Stephanie Churma from The Good Love Company today about the role alcohol plays in our lives as women, especially when it comes to loving ourselves and others. If you've ever found yourself chugging a few glasses of wine before a date, or feeling like you wine or cocktails have become the "new norm" in your life and it's just no longer serving you, then you're going to want to tune into this powerful conversation. PLUS, we're both sharing some really personal never-before-told moments around our relationship with booze and how we broke our own cycles.

About Stephanie:
Stephanie Churma is the owner and founder of The Good Love Company; a movement for better romantic love that starts with self. A former dating disaster turned Spiritual Relationship Coach, Stephanie blends the psychology of behaviour with universal energy laws to help her clients shift their vibration, and call in their own Good Love. Her mission is to change the scope of modern dating and romantic love by using the power of connection and vulnerability with the magic of pattern interruption. Her clients see massive success in just months of working together, and she is currently building her movement with speaking gigs and podcasts, and is currently writing her first book.
Connect with Stephanie here:
Ig: @thegoodloveco
Fb group: Good Love Co 
Podcast: The Good Love Company
Jan 18, 2018
I'm breaking down the rules of the road when it comes to social media etiquette so you can stand out from the crowd (and stop accidentally pissing people off in the process!) From tagging people in posts, to Facebook groups, to the ins and outs of sliding up in the DM's, and more, I am sharing my professional opinion and expertise to help you be as smart and business savvy as possible online. PLUS, more of your questions answers on everything from how to land press and features on TV and in magazines, what to do when your friends don't support you, and how to not lose your shit at your full-time job while hustling toward your dreams.

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Jan 15, 2018

I'm back with the first ASK ME ANYTHING episode of 2018 and it's a good one! I'm answering all your burning questions around life and business, including what to do if YOU are the "mean girl," how to move on after a breakup when it feels impossible, what the Facebook algorithms mean for our businesses, and much more.

Thank you to our sponsors!

This episode is sponsored in part by Talia Di Giulio Adams, Sydney based Entrepreneur and lifestyle coach. Growing up in the entertainment industry, Talia has gone on to transform the lives of women and men both mind and body, bettering their lifestyles in the process. Now stepping into 2018 with a global online business, coaching women and men, families, singles and the average person wanting the best out of life, physically and financially. Talia is offering 25% off to those wanting to start with her on there nutritional cleansing lifestyle and journey. You can connect with Talia and learn more about her at, follow her on Instagram @taliadigiulioadams and on Facebook at Live.Love.Life

This episode is also brought to you in part by Breakup Coach and relationship advice columnist for The Huffington Post, Chelsea Leigh Trescott of Breakupward. If you’re struggling to let go of a relationship or make sense of being left, visit to get the perspective you need and the relief you’re craving. Sign up to Chelsea's newsletter at to receive instant access to the first 5 days of her 31 day Breakupward Workbook. When you purchase any of her single session and/or coaching packages, mention Style Your Mind to receive an additional coaching session for free. Connect with Chelsea on Instagram at @thankyouheartbreak and on Facebook at 

Jan 8, 2018

In this quickie, I'm sharing my thoughts on transparency, empowered storytelling, and why being completely real with your audience will build the most powerful connections you could ever imagine. If you have struggled with being vulnerable, this episode will help you open up and begin to experience life in a much more meaningful way.

Jan 5, 2018

As some of you may know, I have been exploring my relationship with alcohol since the end of 2015. You can read more about my journey on the blog (click here), but I know I am not alone when I say drinking does not always serve me. In fact, it rarely does. Throughout the years, I've found myself hungover on way too many occasions, unable to reach my health and fitness goals, and just not operating at my optimal capacity. It has wreaked havoc on my confidence, left me in a bit of a fog at times, and hindered my spirit. I am ready to LEVEL UP in 2018, and booze isn't really a part of that program. I'm not saying I will never touch a drink again, but I am seriously cutting back - again. If you're considering a Dry January, an indefinite break from alcohol, or you just feel like you want to cut back a few days a week, then this episode may motivate you to do just that.

Thank you to our sponsor, Becca Morello!

Becca is an actor and model who helps creative female entrepreneurs bring their message to life through various mediums including voiceover work, audiobook narration, modeling, acting and more. Learn more about her and her work at

Dec 31, 2017

Happy New Year! Ladies, I am SO excited about 2018. I just have a GUT feeling that this year is going to be incredible. In this episode, I’m sharing my personal “Style Your Mind for Success” strategy to help you turn your resolutions into reality. This is what I am doing to make my year as powerful as possible, and I know these tools will help you, too. If you are looking to uplevel your thinking and supercharge your brand new year, then get a pen and paper and get ready. If you’re looking for even more guidance on making changes in your life, check out my coaching workbook “Style Your Mind” here:

Today’s episode is sponsored in part by Katie Stoeckeler. Katie works as a holistic health coach to help women, men and children integrate healthy eating habits, self-care routines and wellness rituals into their ever day lives. She hosts weekly cleanse meetings via video chat that are individualized and provide ample support for anyone looking to make healthier life style changes. Her 4 week program is typically $400, but she is offering 50% off for Style Your Mind listeners! If you’re ready for change email and put Style Your Mind Cleanse in the subject line. Also feel free to follow her on Instagram @SomethingKatie for nutrition tips, quick and easy recipes as well as inspirational posts!

Today’s episode is also sponsored in part by the book Innerbloom. Innerbloom is the brand new personal development/memoir hybrid self-published by author and fellow Slay Baby Sarah Ordo (you may remember her from Episode 24 of this show!). If you’re looking to feel empowered and inspired to create your best life possible, then Innerbloom is the book for you. In this book you can expect to find the questions that you will need to ask yourself to find your own true inner happiness. You can click here to grab your copy RIGHT HERE and learn more about Sarah at

Dec 20, 2017

Are you inviting stress and overwhelm into your life? Are you pouring it a cup of coffee and allowing it to stay awhile? Not after this episode. I'm serving up my secret strategies for dealing with the stresses of every day life and work, and providing some mega perspective to help you decide what you're available for in your world.

Thank you to our sponsor, Metal Marvels!

Metal Marvels is a brand for badass & bold women who don't fit societies standards. Katie, the creator, was always searching for mantra jewelry with more powerful & in your face messages. Being a woman who curses like a sailor daily, the messages just weren't out there. So she created the amazing Expletives collection that gives women jewelry that helps them feel empowered to be themselves, to be bold, and use the word fuck as frequently as they want. Societal standards for women and success, are bullshit and she runs her company that way too showing that someone who curses like a sailor, has tattoos and purple hair, can be extremely successful in this world. Make sure you follow Metal Marvels Instagram for daily inspiration, a heavy use of profanity, and badass products. And you can save 20% off for being a Style your mind listener. Use code: STYLEYOURMIND at

Dec 19, 2017

What if "someday" never comes? One of the most motivating and empowering truths is that we are all going to die. And nobody knows when. So why are you saving all of the beautiful, life-changing things you want to do for some imaginary bucket list you'll probably never actually check things off of? Why aren't you doing all those beautiful, life-changing things NOW? In this mini episode, I'm serving up some real talk to help you turn your bucket list into your to-do list, and start creating the wildly gorgeous life you deserve to live.

If you liked the poem I closed this episode with, you can find it (and more) in my book STRIPPED here:

Dec 15, 2017

Can we talk about what a f*cking circus it is when you begin something new?! My apparel launch has been a MASSIVE success. I am thrilled, fired up, excited, humbled, and grateful, but OMG - I am WORKED! It's been an incredible lesson in the inevitable hiccups that come along with blazing a new trail for yourself. And I truly think so many women never start the things they dream of starting because they dread the hiccups. They dread the craziness that always tags along when we leave our comfort zones and try that new thing. In this episode, I'm talking about my own experience with this, and giving you 5 solid strategies on how to navigate the challenges that come along with new projects and keep your head above water.

Thank you to our sponsor, Helen Phifer!

This episode is sponsored by #1 bestselling crime writer, Helen Phifer. Writing murder, chills, and thrills, Helen’s books will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and make you afraid to get up in the middle of the night and go to the bathroom alone. Learn more about her incredible series of books at Connect with Helen on Facebook here, on Instagram here, and on Twitter here.

Dec 12, 2017
In this episode, I'm giving you POWERFUL questions to ask yourself before 2018 to get clear and confident so you can smash your goals and enter the New Year like a BOSS. You can use these questions any time you're beginning something new to get you feeling focused and fabulous. I'm also answering all your burning business questions including: how to attract high-end clients, how to get in the creative zone, convincing your spouse that you're ready for entrepreneurship and MORE.

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Dec 7, 2017

Laaaaaadies! I'm answering all your burning BIZ questions in this very special episode! The New Year is almost here and I want to get you hooked up with the tips, strategies, and mind-set shifts you need to feel confident in your hustle. Where do you begin when you have a million ideas for your business? How do you handle copycats? How do you stand out in a crowded marketplace? How do you think outside the box? What do you do when you're not getting ANY clients? I'm answering ALL these questions and more. Get a notebook for this one (you're gonna wanna take notes) and let's get you ready to SLAY 2018.


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This episode is brought to you in part by artist Wendy Buiter. Wendy creates beauty and fashion inspired art, utilizing vivid colors, to depict powerful women who exude confidence. Check out her beautiful prints, cards, and more at Use code STYLEYOURMIND to get her card collection for free when you spend 200 Euro or more!


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Dec 6, 2017

There's been a lot going on and I'm filling you in on everything in this episode! Life updates from Cara's World and some lessons learned along the way. Grab a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine) and get ready for some girl talk.

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Nov 27, 2017

Have you ever shared a win or a celebration that you were proud of, only to have someone try to knock you down? A funny thing happens when we reveal our confidence; it triggers those who are lacking it. In this episode, I'm sharing a personal story around this, as well as some inspiration to start owning who you are, shining your light, and stop shrinking yourself for someone else's comfort. This is a big one for my boss ladies who struggle with putting themselves out there!

Thank you to our sponsor!

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Nov 20, 2017

Growing up, I always assumed if a woman was powerful, she was a bitch. I never understood that you could be assertive, yet kind. I never understood that you could be empowered, yet EMPOWERING. In this episode, I'm sharing a personal story about how I overcame people pleasing and learned how to be unapologetic in my life and my business, and how you can too.

Big thank you to our sponsors!

American Hero Clothing: Run by an active duty army veteran and mother of 5, American Hero creates FULLY customizable clothing to represent your business and ROCK your brand. Check them out at

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Nov 19, 2017

On a cold November night in 2013, I boarded a plane at JFK airport by myself to go to London. I decided to take a solo trip to get inspired, and meet with the only 2 readers I knew I had there. I was in heavy fantasy mode, dreaming about what it would be like to quit my job at MTV and do what I love - and also bring my brand to the U.K. In this episode I share that story and also talk about the importance of patience and the magic of believing in something when nobody else can see it but you.

Nov 18, 2017
If you have ever struggled with that restless feeling of "what's next!?" then you don't want to miss this chat with life and business coach Desiree Wiercyski. We're talking all about the unsexy side of personal development: anxiety, depression, how to know if you're experiencing a quarter-life crisis (and what to do about it) and more. Get ready to get real with us, break your own rules, and most importantly - free yourself from your own bullshit.
To connect with Desiree and learn more about working with her, check her out at Be sure to hop on her email list and take advantage of some very special offers just for our listeners at
Nov 16, 2017
Let's talk about IMPOSTER SYNDROME! Have you ever felt like a total fraud? Put an insane amount of pressure on yourself and STILL felt out of place? As the saying goes, "With every level comes a new devil" and boy did I experience it recently. I just submitted the first full draft for my next book - my best book to date - and it put me through the ringer. In this episode I'm talking about what happens when you level up and EXPAND. Because new shit comes up. And we have to learn how to deal. I'm sharing the strategies I used to get through the writing process and stay sane. Grab a pen! This is a good one.
Big thank you to our sponsors!

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Nov 13, 2017

If you're an entrepreneur or aspiring one, I'm dropping tons of tips for you on how to get smarter about your online marketing, social media strategy, and why public speaking is not as scary as we make it out to be.

Big thank you to our sponsors!

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This episode is also brought to you in part by My Lead Angel. My Lead Angel is here to help Online Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners to unleash the potential of their brand with the power of video. Captivate your customers with video marketing and content from My Lead Angel today and stand out from the crowd! Learn more at and get 10% off by using the code STYLEYOURMIND!

Nov 10, 2017

I'm answering all your burning questions once again! We're talking about how to handle rejection, tips for resetting and recharging, why you must be your own permission slip, how to start when you have a million ideas, where I shop (this is a popular question believe it or not!) + style tips and so much more. I love you guys!

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Nov 9, 2017

It's time for another Ask me Anything! Your questions, answered. We're covering everything from how to know what your life's purpose is (do we even have just one?), how to confidently ask for money in your business (b*tch better have my money!), to dealing with a boyfriend or spouse who just isn't keeping up with your ambition, to knowing whether or not you may be OD'ing on self-help (yes, it's totally possible!)

HUGE thank you to this episode's sponsor, Life + Business Coach Desiree W! If you're a side-hustler, don't miss out on Dez's brand new 4-month mastermind. She's offering our listeners only 40% off on the program. Sign up and get the details and discount here:

Nov 2, 2017

A quick personal story about learning to let go and step out of my comfort zone. Have you attached yourself to control for too long? This episode will inspire you to shed those layers and give yourself the space to bloom. Because we all know that nothing fabulous happens inside of a comfort zone.

Check out STRIPPED, my book of poetry and inspired writings for the evolving woman on Amazon.

Oct 30, 2017

A few months ago, my publisher reached out to me to let me know that they wanted ME on the cover of my new book (insert freak out moment here!) I had a TON of emotions flowing through me when I got the news – I was super flattered, nervous, excited, anxious - you name it. I happily agreed, but kind of put it out of my head until a few days ago when my editor emailed me to say they had scheduled the shoot – and it was happening in less than 2 weeks!

For anyone listening who has ever had a big event – whether it was your wedding, your own book cover, your brand photo shoot, a big presentation – ANYTHING like that – you know the feeling of paranoia that sweeps over you when you’re just a few days away from that big day.

I felt those nervous feelings creeping in when I learned about the shoot, but this time, I was able to stop myself in my tracks and flip that anxiety into peacefulness by RECLAIMING my POWER. Rather than stressing out, I decided to get into action and start doing confidence-building activities that would make me feel good. And I want to share the EXACT steps I took with you guys so that you can use them as inspiration if you find yourself in a similar situation where your insecurity takes over.

This episode’s power mantra:

Confidence is available to me at all times.

Thank you to our sponsor, American Hero Clothing!

Run by an active duty army veteran and mother of 5, American Hero creates FULLY customizable clothing to represent your business and ROCK your brand. Check them out at

Oct 23, 2017

I used to haaaate working out, and I found that any time I tried eating healthier it felt like a chore. But a few years ago, everything changed for me. I've been able to reprogram my mind and not only get motivated and excited to live a healthier lifestyle, but know exactly how to get back on the wagon when I fall off (because we all fall off). If you're looking for tips on getting and staying inspired to exercise and treat your body well, then this episode is for you. We'll explore the mind/body connection and how powerful it is to recognize the other benefits of living better beyond weight loss or looking more toned. I know this chat will push you to start demanding more for yourself, and do it all from a place of love and self-compassion!

Thank you to our sponsor, Desiree Wiercyski!

Visit for an exclusive offer just for us! When you sign up for Dez's list, you'll get instant access to her custom quiz, What Kind of Boss Babe Are You?, plus a video training on 3 simple ways to manage your anxiety when you're crazy stressed, and a workbook called Essential Morning Plans for Anyone Who Hates Mornings.

Oct 18, 2017

How many times have you accepted a lower salary, taken less than you deserved, or been afraid to assert yourself to ask for what you want? Not after this episode, baby! I am going to show you how to start valuing yourself and get exactly what you want and need in your life and your career. This episode is packed with personal stories and actionable tips so you can start raising your standards, confidently ask for what you want, and begin honoring your desires.


  1. They confidently ask for what they want
  2. They listen to their gut + trust themselves
  3. They don't seek the approval of others
  4. They don't make decision in a low vibration
  5. They don't do things out of desperation
  6. They move forward even if nobody understands their vision
  7. They do not make excuses for themselves or anyone else
  8. They don't allow their past to define their future
  9. They don't put their happiness in the hands of someone else
  10. They don't determine their success based on external wins or accomplishments

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Oct 15, 2017
I'm answering all your questions again in this jam-packed episode! Tons of tips here for female entrepreneurs on staying in a creative flow, elevating your brand, how to grow your Instagram naturally, how I finance my business, and how I come up with brand new ideas. Be sure to listen with a notebook because I'm BRINGING IT!

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